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Путешествие в загробную жизнь

Paperback Journey Through the Afterlife: Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead
Альбом Британского Музея

Set to accompany the major exhibition at the British Museum from November 2010 to March 2011, this magnificent and lavishly illustrated book explores the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead papyri. The first comprehensive book on this intriguing subject for over 30 years, this title draws upon the British Museum's unequalled collection of Book of the Dead papyri, much of which has never been published before.

The Book of the Dead is not a single text but a compilation of spells that the ancient Egyptians believed would assist them in the afterlife as they made their perilous journey towards the realms of the gods and the ultimate state of eternity. Beautifully illustrated with specially commissioned photographs, this fascinating and important book affords a greater understanding of ancient Egyptian belief systems. The title poignantly reveals the hopes and fears of mortal man concerning the 'world' beyond death.

Красотища неимоверная. =)
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